Fizzic Interactive Designs the Enterprise and B2B User Experience.

Fresh design that doesn't stink

Fizzic Is a Seattle-based Interactive Design Firm.

We're a group of experienced problem solvers and designers who make technology work for the people who drive business.

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Fizzic Designs the B2B User Experience.

Strategy, UX, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Functional Design and Content. We focus on the B2B user experience designing information technology solutions that work for the people who drive business.

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We Love The Work

It's a joy to roll up our sleeves and dive into the core of our clients' challenges. It's fun to find clarity and stumble upon the big idea that makes the solution simple again.

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Keep It Simple

Make it easy. Don't make me think. Read my mind. Intuitive. Like a Mac. Our clients don't want their software to be harder to run than their business. We agree. Our process supports that.

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Get In Touch

If you want our help with your next big project we'd love to hear from you. Contact us anytime.

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Do Good Work.